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Plasmalift currently offers international training in over 52 countries worldwide. We are happy and excited that you have chosen to take your technical training through our institute.    We make NO guarantees to the nature of how the students will proceed or conduct business thereafter the course. We DO NOT offer job placement after our technical  training.  It is 100% the responsibility of the student to contact their local health boards and inspection agencies to ensure that what ever course they register in is within the scope of practice for their area.  In regards to all regulations students must refer to their regulatory bodies.  If at the time of receiving any type of technician training through our institution courses were either deregulated and if in times regulations restrict students from being able to utilize their stills it is the burden of the student to either upgrade their skills to the match the requirements of the governing body or to cease treatments if that is what is required.  With any and all courses we offer their is always a risk that government compliance measures may effect industry personal.  

Plasmalift International takes our teaching directives from our local municipal and provincial  health boards and federal bodies including health Canada.  We only follow directives given to us by these bodies.  In the event that information is posted to an online forum or internet blog, we do not consider these types of posts correct or valid information.  Our board of directors adheres to our designated government representatives. 

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